Great Gas Mileage

How does 75-118 miles per
gallon sound? Gas prices are
unpredictable, but with a
scooter you'll never have to
worry about the cost at the
pump! For about $4 to fill

up, a scooter will save you
tons of money and pay for
itself in no time.

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Good For The Environment

Riverside Scooters         951-534-0411

Turn your boring drive to
work or a quick trip to the
market into a fun
adventure! Scooters are
also great for just having
fun on the weekends.

Parts and maintenance for a
scooter are very affordable.
With regular tune-up, and a
service schedules between
every 1000 - 3000 miles, a
scooter costs way less to
keep up than a car or SUV
for the duration of it's life.

With less gas usage and lower emissions, you can feel good knowing you're reducing your carbon footprint.

Simple, Affordable Maintenance

The Fun Factor

HOURS: Monday-Saturday

10 ish to 5 ish and sometimes Sunday.